‘Do you know a good coach?’ A question often asked. From experience I know how valuable a good coach can be. And how difficult it can be to find the right coach at the right time, Who can really help you with your question. It depends a lot of what you specifically need in a certain period of your life. Personally for instances my coach Bobba was (and still is) of great value to me. She learned me to listen to my gut and helped me get rid of some mental and emotional blockages. My coach Charlotte is the one that helped me make concrete steps forwards and getting results in starting my business.
From experience I also know that you feel quite quickly if there is a match. I want everyone to be able to have a coach that really helps them grow.

Because of my travels en international contacts I have a broad network of coaches worldwide. And more and more coaches work online so we are not limited by location. I had to get used to that any first but now I love that I am able to connect with my coaches wherever I am. Because one thing I know for sure: there will few periods in my life in which a coach is not there by my side to help me grow!