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You are looking for a good coach but have no idea where to start. Who is a match for you? Who can really help you? Before you have figured all of that out…

There is an efficient and effective way to find your coach. With a network of good and qualified coaches we will connect you with one or more coaches. After matching you you can directly set up a meeting without any further obligation. We have coaches that work both online as well as offline. So we can either connect you to a coach nearby your location or we can connect you to coaches all over the world (using skype). No match? No problem, you can let us know.

How do we match you up? We will plan a 30 minute Skype call with Manon. She can help you get to the core of your question in a short time. And get a sense of with coach would be a good match for you at the same time. You will zoom in on your question and what kind of coach would be a match for you. But also you will go over some practical things like your budget, your language and location preferences and other things.
This way we don’t only find the best match for you but you yourself will also be prepared and have a better sense of what you are looking for.
Without further obligation. No match? No problem!

We can match you up with coaches in all kinds of fields: Do you want to make a career switch and don’t know where to start? Are you starting or growing your business and would like en experiences mentor to guide you in the proces? Do you want to learn to listen to your gut-feeling more? Or maybe you want to improve your communication skills in your relationships? We have a lot to offer from our broad network.


For groups (5+) we organise special ‘speeddate your coach’- events on request. At the moment we only offer this service in The Netherlands (Amsterdam and Rotterdam).

How would it be if you could meet up with different experienced coaches at the same time and within a couple of minutes you would know if there is a match? Without any further obligation. You think about a question and all the coaches will have a 7 minute conversation with you about this question. Already you will gain lots of insights and who knows you find your perfect match!

Pros of speeddates

The pros of speeddate your coach

  • Simple: to get to know different coaches briefly and powerfully and not have to conduct all kinds of separate introductory conversations.
  • Non-binding: No click? No problem. Someone does not have to provide the coaches with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’.
  • Inspiration: 10 times 7 minutes talking about your question from different angles: you walk out with insights about yourself, even before a coaching process has started.
  • Efficient: several employees can participate simultaneously.
  • Close and fun: Speeddates take place at beautiful central locations in a homely warm atmosphere.

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Sign up for my newsletter and stay in touch

By pressing ‘Sign Up!’, you’ll be signed up for my newsletter and receive updates about speed dates.